My artwork is influenced and inspired by many forces, but none so influential as the creativity of my parents.

My mother, a lifelong artist, inspired me with her own artwork on canvases, watercolor paper, wood, sculpture, even her doodles on legal pads while I was growing up. She also provided me with many opportunities to study with other artists and craftspeople. She is the reason I can play multiple instruments and love to sing, sketch, and dance. The amount of artistic support and encouragement that she offered me growing up is something I am ever more appreciative for.

My father, a stage actor and master storyteller, inspired my theatrical and performing career. I am often told that I have inherited his particular narrative style and flourish, and I hope that this is so.

I’m particularly moved by the works of Wassily Kandinsky, They Might Be Giants, Salvador Dali, Lemony Snicket, Remedios Varo, Hayao Miyazaki, Edward Gorey, Frida Kahlo, Alphonse Mucha, and¬†many others.